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1984 George Orwell 1949 G-VG, PB 1
August 1914   Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1972 VG, DJ, Translated by Micheal Glenny 1
100 Best True Stories of World War II Vm. H. Wise & Co., Inc. 1945 VG 1
A Comlete History of the United States Clement Wood 1935 1
A Dictionary of Freemasonry Robert Macoy 1989 VG, DJ, Published by Bell Publishing Co. 1
A Documentory History of the Negro People in the United States, Vol 2 1968 4th Ed. Edited by Herbert Aptheker 1
A History of The Theatre George Freedly and John A. Reeves 1941 G-VG 1
A Journal of the Plaqgue Years Daniel Defoe 1962 Soft Cover 1
A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Arthur Edward Waite 1994 VG, DJ, Published by Wings Books 1
A Stillness at Appomattox Bruce Catton 1958 G-VG, PB, 1st Cardinal Printing 1
A Story of New Zealand Frank Parsons 1904 VG 1
  A Thousand and One Delights Alan G. Barbour 1971 VG, Soft Cover, Larger Book 1
A Thousand Encounters With The Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje Fr. Janko Bubalo 1987 VG, SC, 2nd Printing 1
A World Beyond Ruth Montgomery 1972 G, PB 1
Abraham Lincoln, "The War Years" Carl Sanburg VG, Volume I 1
Achtung-Panzer! Major-General Heinz Gudereian 1992 First English Translation, VG, DJ, Translated by Christopher Duffy 1
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1958 G-VG, SC, Ed by Henry Nash Smith 1
Alive Piers Paul Read 1974 GC, PB, First Avon Printing 1
American Individualism Herbert Hoover 1934 VG 1
An Autobiography Agatha Christie 1977 VG-EX, DJ 1
And Quiet Flows The Don Mikhail Sholokhov, Trans by Stephen Barry DJ, VG,  Book 1 (2nd Imp), Books 2,3,4 are 1st Impression 4
AS IS - A Book Of Miscellaneous Revelations Henry William Hanemann 1923 VG 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "Student" - Book #15 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "The Rape of Ethiopia 1936" - Book #4 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "Midway, The Turning Point" - Book #20 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "T34 Russsian Armor" - Book #21 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "Stilwell" - Book #4 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "German Secret Weapons Blueprint for Mars" VG, SC, small booklet, Book 5 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century "Kasserine Baptism of Fire" - Book #18 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Ballantine's Illustrated History of The Violent Century Raid on St. Nazaire" - Book #14 VG, SC, small booklet 1
Barbara Bush, A Memoir Barbara Bush 1994 VG, DJ, Signed 1
Basic History of the United States Charles & Mary Beard 1944 1
Bhaagavad-Gita As It Is A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada 1976 2nd Printing, VG, DJ 1
Birds of North America Chandler Robbins, Bertel Bruun,Herbert Zirn 1983 VG, SC 1
Black Oxen Gertrude Atherton 1923 About Alexander The Great 1
$45.00 Black Rage William H. Grier & Price M. Cobbs 1969 Soft Cover 1
Blind Faith Joe McGinnis 1989 GC, PB 1
Blue Book, Dolls & Values, 6th Jan Foulke 1984 SC, Good to VG 1
Bodyguard of Lies Anthony Cave Brown 1975 vol I & II, DJ, VG 2
Brave Men Ernie Pyle 1944 First Printing 1
Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc. 1953 VG, 1949-1953, Vols IV, V 1
But The Morning Will Come Cid Ricketts Sumner 1949 VG, DJ. First Edition 1
c/o Postmaster Corporal Thomas R. St. George 1943 VG 1
Canada's Wilderness Lands National Geographic Society no date VG, DJ, Large Book 1
Capital Karl Marx 1906 Edited by Frederick Engels 1
Captains And The Kings Taylor Caldwell 1972 VG, DJ 1
Care of The soul Thomas Moore 1994 VG, SC, 1st Harper Perennial Edition 1
Catch-22 Joseph Heller 1996 VG, SC 1
Chief of Scouts Piloting Emigrants Across The Plains of 50 Years Ago Captain W. F. Drannan (was Chief of Scouts) 1910 VG, handwritten ltr on inside cover 1
Chronicle of America Editorial Director, Clifton Daniel 1995 VG, DJ, Orig price $60.00 1
Civil Disobedience, A Plea for Captain John Brown The Great Books Foundation 1949 Pamphet Book,  1
Contitutional Chaos Judge Andrew Napolitano 2004 VG, DJ 1
Couples John Updike 1968 1
Crossing The Threshold Of Hope John Paul II, Translated by Jenny McPhee and Martha McPhee 1994 VG, DJ,  1
Danish (Language) Bible 1872 GC, 6" X 9", 315 pages 1
Deires' Road John Evans #180, signed, 2nd printing, SC 1
Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham 1954 First Printing, PB, Good to VG 1
Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham 1952 PB, Good to VG 1
Der Fuehrer Konrad Herden 1944 VG 1
Doc", The Rape of The Town of Lovell Jack Olsen 1989 VG 1
$50 Don't Stop The Carnival Herman Wouk 1965 VG, DJ, 1st Ed 1
Double Cross Sam and Chuck Giancana 1993 GC, PB 1
Double Deal Michael Corbitt with Sam Giancana 2003 VG, DJ, 1st Ed 1
Dr. Chases Last Recipe Book & Household Physician A.W. Chase, M.D.  1887 GC, Memorial Edition, signed 1
Dr. Chases Recipes or Information for Everybody Dr. Chase  1866 VG, (A copy reprint?) 1
Dragon's Teeth Upton sinclair 1961 PB, First Permabook Edition 1
Early African American Classics 1990 Edited by Anthony Appiah, SC 1
Economics for Executives (TAXATION) Edited by George E. Roberts 1923 VG - has library stamp and pocket 1
Elements of Algebra chaarles Davies LL.D 1856 FC-GC 1
Enlightened England Wylie sypher 1947 VG 1
Ernie's War Edited by David Nichols 1986 VG, DJ 1
Evangeline And Other Poems Henry Wadsworth Longfellow no date VG, Henry Althemus Company 1
Execution By Hunger Miron Dolot 1987 Soft Cover 1
Exodus Leon Uris 1958 G-VG 1
Exploring Our Living Planet Robert D. Ballard 1988 VG, Large Book 1
Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things Readers Digest 2005 VG 1
Farm Topics The Bartedles Seed Co SC, GC 1
Farnham's Freehold Robert Heinlein 1971 G-VG, PB 1
Farnham's Freehold Robert Heinlein 1965 G-VG, PB, First Printing 1
Fatal Vision Joe McGinness 1984 GC, SC, First Signet Printing 1
Feats And Wisdom of The Ancients Time-Life Books no date VG 1
Felix Holt, The Radical George Eliot 1887 G-VG, pages tanned with age 1
Field Guide to North American Birds The Audubon Society, Miklos D.F. Udvardy   G, SC, 7th edition 1
File Number 112 & The Little Old Man of Batignolles & Other Tales Emile Gaboriau 1908 VG 1
Fire From Heaven Mary Renault 1969 1st Ed. Book of the Month 1
Fleetwoods Life of Christ Rev John Fleetwood 1833 1
Four Days, The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy Ynited Press International,  1964 VG, DJ, Large Book, Library Card 1
From D Day Through Victory in Europe Columbia Broadcasting System 1945 F-GC, @ torn pages, PB 1
From Primitives to Zen Mircea Eliade 1967 First U.s. Edition, G-VG 1
Funeral in Berlin Lex Deighton 1965 First American Edition 1
Gai-Jin James Clavell 1993 VG, DJ 1
General Dean's Story General Dean 1954 G-VG 1
General History for Colleges and High Schools R.V.N. Meyers 1894 G, 1/2" X 1 1/2" break on cover 1
George Turner's Book of Gun Fighters George Turner 1972 SC, GC 1
Going Backwoard 2000-1887 Edward Bellamy 1887 1
Great Photographs of World War II Readers Digest F-GC, edge stains on pages, good pictures, 32 page booklet 1
Guest of Hirohito Kenneth Cambon, M.D.  1990 Soft Cover 1
Guilty Until Proven Innocent Donald Connery 1977 VG, DJ 1
Harpers Magazine, Vol LIV Dec 1876 to May 1877 1
Harry S. Truman Margaret Truman 1973 VG, DJ 1
Hearts of Light, Impressions of Lake Tahoe Linde' Christiana Ravize' & John Thomas Ravize' 2000 VG, DJ, Large Book 1
History of Nations Henry Cabot Lodge, Ed in Chief 1913 VG, 25 Volumes 25
History of the United States Charles and Mary Beard 1925 1
History of the World War Frank H. Simonds 1917 GC, Volumes 1, 2, 4 3
Holy Bible About 12X14 1790? Front cover needs rebinding, Pages tan with age 1
Holy Bible About 12X14 1832 Pages tan with age 1
Honor Thy Father Gay Talese 1971 VG 1
Human Harvest, The Sacramento Murder Story Daniel J. Blackburn 1991 GC, SC 1
I Go Horizontal Gilfond 1940 G-VG, has library card and cancellation 1
In His Light Rev William A. Anderson 1986 VG, SC 1
In Love and War Jim and Sybil Stockdale 1984 1st Ed. DJ, VG 1
In Search of History Theodore H. White 1978 GC, Library book 1
Inside The Third Reich Albert Speer 1970 G-VG, DJ, First Printing 1
Instead of Arms Folke Bernadette 1948 G-VG 1
Intruder in The Dust William Faulkner 1960 VG, PB 1
Irrepressible Churchill Kay Halle 1966 G-VG, First Edition 1
J is For Judgement Sue Grafton 1993 VG, DJ, First Edition 1
Japanese Readers Oreste Vaccari and Mrs. Enko Elisa Vaccari ? DJ, VG 1
Joseph The Provider Thomas Mann 1944 Translated by T. Lowe-Porter 1
Joseph The Provider Thomas Mann 1944 VG 1
Justice at War Peter Irons 1983 VG, DJ 1
Karl Marx Otto Ruhle 1928 1
Kate Fannigate Booth Parkington 1943 VG 1
Kingsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis 1947 VG, DJ 1
Kinsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis 1947 DJ, G-VG 1
Korea & Taiwan, a travel survival kit Geoff Crowther 1982 VG, SC 1
Lethal Marriage Nick Pron 1995 VG, PB 1
Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism Walter E. Williams 2008 First Printing, SC, VG 1
Library of Universal History John Clark Ridpath 1899 Volumes  I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI,  XVII, Almost all need binding work  17
Library of Wit and Humor Melville D. Landon, pename "Elil Perkins" 1901 G-VG, small tear (<1/2") on cover 1
Life & Death Eternal Smuel C. Bartlett 1866 VG, American Tract Society 1
Life , 50 Years Life Magazine 1986 VG, SC, Large Book 1
Life in Camelot Edited by Philip B. Kunhardt Jr., Time Mag. 1988 VG, DJ, Excellent condition 1
Life, The First 50 Years, 1936-1984 Time, Inc., Editor Phillip B. Kunhardt. Jr. 1986 VG, DJ, Large Book, First Edition 1
Lives Of  The Saints Compiled by Rev. Alban Butler 1894 G-VG, SC, aged color 1
Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry 1985 VG, DJ 1
Looking Backward 2000-1887 Edward Bellamy 1936 1
Mafia Marriage Rosalie Bonanno 1990 VG, DJ 1
Mafia Princess Antoinette Giancana & Thomas Renner 1985 GC, SC, First Printing 1
$45 Magic William Goldman 1976 VG, DJ, First Printing 1
Man of The House, The Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O'Neill Tip O'Neill with william Novak 1987 VG, DJ 1
Many Mansions, The Edgar Cayce Story of Reincarnation Gina Cerminara 1967 First Printing, G-VG, SC 1
Margaet Thatcher, The Path To Power Margaret Thatcher 1995 VG, DJ, First U.S. Edition 1
$30-$80 Marilyn, a biography by Norman Mailer Norman Mailer 1973 VG, DJ, 1st Edition, Large Book 1
Mark of Shame Willi Heirich 1960 PB, GC , small tear on bottom edge of cover 1
Meanwhile H.G. Wells 1927 Gc, Binding needs some work, First Printing 1
Meeting God Robert S. Humitz 1980 VG, SC 1
Memoirs of Napolean Bonaparte, Vol I Baron C-F DE Meneval, His Private Secretary 1910 1
Memoirs of the Courts of Europe, Empress Josephine Madame De Remusat 1910 Vo I, II 2
Merck Manual of Medical Information Robert Berkow, Editor in Chief 1997 VG, DJ, Home Edition 1
Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil John Berendt 1993 VG, DJ 1
Modern Home Medical Advisor Morris Fishbein, M.d. 1942 G-VG 1
Moscow Rules Robert Moss 1978 VG, DJ, First Edition 1
Mysteries of the Human Body Time-Life Books no date VG 1
Mysteries of The Unkown Time-Life Books 4 volumes 4
Napolean Emil Ludwig 1926 G-VG 1
National Lampoon's Truly Sick, Tasteless and Twisted Cartoons 2002 VG, SC 1
Nixon Agonistes Garry Wills 1970 1
Nixon Agonistes Garry Wills 1970 VG, DJ, First Printing 1
Nixon Rated Cartoons Ranan R. Lurie 1974 G-VC, SC 1
Notes on Love and Courage Hugh Prather 1978 SC  1
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All Allen Gurganes 1989 A Comic Novel, SC, 2 books 2
On American Soil Jack Hamann 2005 VG, SC 1
Operation Iraqi Freedom Victory   no date VG, mostly pictures, A Magazine 1
Options O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
Our Wonder World, A Library of Knowledge Geo L. Shuman Co. 1926 Vol I, II, III, IV, V, Vi, Vii, Viii, * Sup. Vol 9
Out On A Limb Shirley MacLane 1983 VG, DJ 1
Paris in The Terror Stanley Loomis 1964 VG, DJ 1
Perfume Patrick Suskind 1986 G-VG, Translated by John Woods 1
Pictorial History of The Second World War G-VG, Vol I (2), II (2), III, iV, VI, VII, Viii, IX, X,  11
Plain Home Talk Edward B. Foote, MD 1904 G-VG 1
Planets For Man Stephen Dole and Isaac Asimov 1964 VG, First Printing 1
Practical Japanese Naoe Naganuma and Kiyoshi Mori 1962 SC, DJ, Light pencil writing inside pages 1
Practical Treatment, Vol I John H. Musser, M.D. LLd, A.O.J. Kelly, M.D. 1911 G-VG for Vol I, VG for Vol II 2
Preserving America's Past National Geographic Society 1983 VG, DJ 1
Prime Time, The Life of Edward R. Murrow Alexander Kendrick 1969 G-VG, First Edition 1
Principles and Practice of Medicine Edwards 1880's? G-VG, but date page is missing 1
Putting it All Together Dr. Irene Kasorla 1973 VG, DJ 1
QB VII Leon Uris 1970 VG, DJ 1
Rampart Street Everett & Olga Webber 1948 VG, 2nd Printing 1
Reader's Digest Illustrated Story of World War II 1969 VG, DJ 1
Rebellion Joseph Medill Patterson 1911 1st Printing, G-VG 1
Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy 1986 VG, DJ 1
Remembering Pearl Harbor 1991 Edited by Robert S. La Forte & Ronald E. Marcello, SC 1
Roads of Destiny O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
Robb's Family Physician J.V. Bean, M.D., R.L. Robb, M.D., Sarah L. Robb, M.D.  188? VG 1
Robinson Crusoe USN George R. Tweed 1945 VG, DJ, Fair to good Condition? Adventures on Jap-Held Guam 1
Rolling Stones O'Henry 1915 G-VG  1
Roosevelt, The Soldier of Freedom John MacGregor Burns 1970 1st Ed. 1
Roots Alex Haley 1976 VG, DJ 1
S is For Silence Sue Grafton 2005 VG, DJ 1
Saint of the Jay, January - June Edited by Leonard Foley 1974 VG, SC, Vol I 1
Saint of the Jay, July to December Edited by Leonard Foley 1975 VB, SC, Vol II 1
$10 Saladin! Andrew Osmond 1976 VG, DJ OK, First Edition 1
Secret and Sacrted Edited by Carol Bleser, VG, DJ 1988 Diary of a Southern Slaveholder 1
Secret Corners of The World National Geographic Society 1982 VG, DJ 1
Selected Works of Rudyard Kipling no date Volume Two, Good-cover is stained 1
Selected Writings of Florence Nightingale Compiled by Luch Ridgely Seymee 1954 VG 1
Shogun James Clavell 1979 VG, DJ 1
Shogun James Clavell 1975 Vol I & Vol II, VG, DK 2
Short Novels John Steinbeck 1963 VG 1
Short Novels of The Masters 1976 VG, SC, Ed by Charles Neider 1
Short Story Classics 1905 Vol Four, edited by William Patten 1
Sixty Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grim Translated by Mrs. Edgar Lucas VG, DJ 1
Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend Robert James Waller 1993 VG, DJ 1
Society and Solitude, Vol VII Ralph Waldo Emerson 1889 VG 1
$250? Somethng to Read - A Journal for The Single and Married Everywhere Edited by Edwin J. Brett 1860's? Needs Binding Work, Book is about 12X9X3, and a few pages are old time advertisements. 1
Songs of Lake Geneva And Other Poems John Brayshaw Kaye 1882 1
Soul A Poem John Evans 1977 #407, signed, 3rd Printing, SC 1
Southern Cross Brigid Knight 1949 GC 1
Sparks of Laughter Stewart Anderson 1924 VG 1
Speak To The Winds Ruth Moore 1956 VG, DJ 1
Splendors of The Past, Lost cities of The Ancient World National Geographic Society 1981 VG, DJ, Large Book 1
St. Valentines Night Andrew M. Greeley 1989 G-VG 1
Stop Whining, Start Living Dr. Laura Schlessinger 2008 EX, DJ 1
28.00-130.00 Stories of The South Addison Hibbard 1931 1
Strictly Business O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
Tales From The New Testament The F. M. Lapton Publishing Co. no date VG, tan pages by age 1
Taps For Private Tussie Jesse Stuart 1943 VG, has cover jacket 1
Ten Modern Short Stories Leo Hamalian & Edmund Volpe 1958 GC 1
Ten Years in Japan Joseph C. Grew 1944 3rd Printing, VG 1
The 20th Century, A Chronicle in Pictures Chier Contributo: Neil Wenborn 1989 VG, DJ, Large Book 1
The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1921 Good Condition 1
The Adventures of An African Slaver 1928 Albert & Charles Boni, Inc. 1
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 1946 VG, DJ, Illustrated by Donald McKay 1
The Alhambra Wahington Irving no date G-VG, tan pages with age, 4 stories-"Talses of The alhambra", "Conquest of Granada", Conquest of Spain", "Spanish Voyages" 1
The American Government Frederick J. Haskin 1912 VG 1
The American Heritage Reader Dell First Edition GC, PB 1
The Annotated Alice Lewis Carroll MCMLX VG, DJ, Large Book,  1
The Apparition of Garanbandal Fr. Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascal 1973 G, SC 1
The Arms of Krupp William Manchester 1968 VG, DJ 1
The Autobiography of Roy Cohen Roy Cohen & Sidney zion 1988 VG, DJ 1
The Beard's Basic History of the United States Charles & Mary Beard 1944 VG 1
The Beloved Kathe-Kruse Dolls Lydia Richter 1983 SC, VG 1
The Bible Story "Hero Tales", Vol II Rev Newton Hall and Rev Irving Wood 1917 G-VG 1
The Bible Story "The Life of Jesus", Vol I Rev Newton Hall and Rev Irving Wood 1917 GC, Binding needs some strenght 1
The Black Book of Communism Courtois, Werth, Panne, Paczowski, Bartosek, Margolin  1999 VG, DJ 1
The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison 1970 Soft Cover 1
The Bradford Book of Collector's Plates The Bradford Exchange ? VG, DJ, color pictures of plates 1
The Cardinal sins Andrew M. Greeley 1981 VG, DJ 1
$70? The Case of the Cautious Coquette Erle Stanley Gardner 1949 1
The Causes of The Civil War Edited by Kenneth M. Stamp 1965 G-VG, SC 1
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield 1993 VG, DC 1
The Christian Armor (Prose and Poetry) The American Tract Society 1865 G-VG, some wear spots on top of cover. 1
The Ciano Diaries, 1939 - 1943 Count Gollazzo Ciano  Hugh Gibson 1
The Citadel A.J. Cronin 1938 GC 1
The Civil War Time-Life Books 1983 28 volumes 28
The Cliet John Grisham 1993 VG, DJ 1
The Collapse of The Third Republic 1969 VG, DJ, First Printing 1
The Collapse of The Third Republic 1969 VG, First Printing 1
The Complete Elvis Edited by Martin Torgoff, Delilah Communications, Ltd 1982 DJ, VG, Large book, over 200 photos 1
$5 The Condor Passes Shirley Ann Grau- Book Of The Month 1971 VG, DJ 1
The Confessions of Nat Turner William Styron 1967 VG, DJ, First Printing 1
The Courtship of Miles Standish And Other Poems Henry Wadsworth Longfellow no date Henry allthemus Company 1
The Dark Half Stephen King 1989 VG 1
The Day Christ Died Jim Bishop 1957 VG, DJ, First Printing 1
The Empress Josephine L. Muhlbach 1876 Translated by Rev W. Binet, A.M 1
The Family Way Jayne Ann Krentz 1987 GC, SC 1
The Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay 1964 GC, PB 1
The Fiery Trial Carl Sanburg 1959 PB, GC, First Dell Printing, 1
The Four Million O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
The Gentle Grafter O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
The Gift of Valor Michael M. Phillips 2005 VG, DJ, First Edition 1
$10 The Glass Village Ellery Queen 1954 VG 1
The Good War" Studs Terkel 1982 VG, DJ 1
The Grand Alliance Winston S. Churchill 1950 VG, Dj, Book of Month Club 1
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 1967 VG 1
The Great Illusion Norman Angell 1911 1
The Great Rebellion J.T. Headley 1866 GC, Needs binding work, some names written in pencil 1
The Gulag Archipelago Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn 1974 1
The Guns of August Barbara W. Tuchman 1962 VG 1
The Guns of Navaronne Alastar MacLean 1957 G-VG, Has library stamp 1
The High Valley Jessica North 1973 VG, DJ, First Edition 1
The Holcroft Covenant Robert Ludlum 1978 VG, DJ 1
The Holocaust, A History of The Jews of Europe During The Second World War Martin Gilbert 1985 VG, Soft Cover  1
The Honor of The Name Emile Gaboriau 1908 VG, 2 books, Part I and II 2
The House on Garibaldi St. Isser Harel 1979 G-VG 1
the hucksters Frederic Wakeman 1946 VG, DJ OK 1
$150? The Human Comedy William Saroyan 1943 G-VG 1
The Human Comedy William Saroyan 1943 VG 1
The Hunt for Red October Tom Clancy 1984 VG, DJ 1
The Inside Story of Patricia Hearst and the SLA Marilyn Baker 1974 VG, DJ 1
The Inside Story of The Harding Tragedy Harry M. Daugherty 1932 VG, 2nd Edition 1
The Island Peter Benchley 1979 VG, DJ, First Edition 1
The Jews Under Roman Rule W. D. Morrison 1899 Fourth Edition 1
The Juror George Dawes Green 1995 VG, DJ 1
The Last Christmas Show Bob Hope 1974 VG, DJ, Large Book 1
The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano Martin Gosch & Richard Hammer 1981 GC, SC, First Printing 1
The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson DeWitt C. Peters, M.D. 1858 GC 1
The Life and Death of Adolph Hitler Robert Payne 1973 DJ, VG 1
The Life of Andrew Jackson Marquis James no date F-GC, needs some binding work 1
The Literary Digest History of The World War Francis Whiting Halsey Vols 1,2,5,6,7,8,10 7
The Lives and times of arch & mehitabel Don Marquis 1950 VG, DJ 1
The Living Reed Pearl S. Buck 1963 VG 1
The March of a Nation Alice Cooper & David Fallon 1935 Paper back book 1
The March of Democracy James Truslow Adams VG, Vols I, II, III, IV, V, VI   1933-1935 6
The Measure of A Man Sidney Poitier First Ed, not dated 1
The Men of The Gambier Bay Edwin Hoyt 1979 VG, DJ 1
The Middle Ages E.M. Hulme 1929 VG, DJ 1
The Palace Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 1978 VG, DJ 1
The Pentagon Papers N.Y. Times 1971 5th Printing, VG, PB 1
The Pictorial History of The Korean War, with Gen dMacArther Reports 1951 G-VG, One Volume 1
The Poetry of Robert Frost Edited by Edward Connery Lathem 1969 1st Ed, VG, DJ 1
The Poets I John Evans 1974 #568, signed, 7th printing, SC 1
The Power of Myth Joseph Cambell with Bill Moyers 1988 VG, SC 1
$20? The Prince of The House of David Reverend J.H. Ingraham 1907 VG 1
The Reckoning, The Memoirs of Anthony Eden Anthony Eden 1965 VG, First Printing 1
The Red Badge of Courage Crane 1962 2nd Printing 1
The Renaisance - Ceasar and Christ, Part III Will Durant 1944 VG 1
The Renaisance - Our Oriental Heritage, Part I Will Durant 1954 VG 1
The Renaisance - Roussequ and Revolution, Part X Will and Ariel Durant 1967 VG, First Printing 1
The Renaisance - The Age of Faith, Part IV Will Durant 1950 VG 1
The Renaisance - The Age of Louis XIV, Part VIII Will and Ariel Durant 1963 VG 1
The Renaisance - The Age of Voltaire, Part IX Will and Ariel Durant 1965 VG 1
The Renaisance - The Agte of Reason Begins, PartVII Will and Ariel Durant 1961 VG 1
The Renaisance - The Life of Greece, Part II Will Durant 1939 VG 1
The Renaisance - The Reformation, Part VI Will Durant 1957 VG 1
The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich 1960 G-VG 1
The Rising Sun John Toland 1970 vol I & II, DJ, VG 2
The Robe Lloyd C. Douglas 1944 G-VG 1
The Selling of The President 1968 Joe McGinniss 1975 Fair to Good, loose edge binding 1
The Shadow That Scares Me Dick Gregory 1968 1st Printing, soft cover 1
The Short Stories of Oscar Wilde by The Eastern Press 1976 Vg, Limited Edition 1
The Siege of Vicksburg Richard Wheeler 1978 1st Ed. DJ, VG 1
The Sory of America in Pictures Allan Collins 1953 VG, DJ 1
The Stand Stephen King 1990 VG, DJ 1
The Standard Family Physician Prof Carl Reissig, M. D.  1907 GC, Vol II, some damage to top and bottom of bookend. 1
The Starr Report w/Analysis by Staff of Washington Post Staff of The Washingtom Post 1998 VG, SC 1
The Story of America Elia W. Peattie 1889 VG 1
The Sum of All Fears Tom Clancy 1991 VG, DJ 1
The Thurber Carnival James Thurber 1945 VG, DJ 1
The Timmed Lamp O'Henry 1915 VG 1
The Town Conrad Richter 1956 Third Printing, DJ 1
The Traitor William L. Shirer 1961 VG, PB 1
The Travels of Marco Polo The Venetian 1948 VG, Translated by William Marsden 1
The Unfinished Nation Alan Brinkley 1991 G-VG,   marked "used" 1
The Vietnam Experience Editions from Boston Publishing Co.  20 volumes 20
The Voice of The City O'Henry 1915 G-VG 1
The Wall Chart of World History Published by Studio Editions 1991 VG, Large folded wall chart 1
The Winds of War Hermann Wouk 1971 VG 2
The Winter of Our Discontent John Steinbeck 1961 VG 1
The Wit and Humor of America Edited by Marshall P. Wilder MDCCCCXI VG, Vol II, IV, VI, VII, IX, X 1
The Works of Falvius Josephus, Vol III 1818 GC but loose binding. "The Life of Flavius Josephus", "Antiquities of The Jews", "The Jewish War" 1
The World Almanac of 1981 1981 GC, SC, 1" tare on cover 1
The World Since 1914 Walter Consuelo Langsom 1933 G-VG, Library label 1
The World War and What Was Behind it. L.P. Benezet 1918 1
The Wrath And The Wind Alexander Key 1949 VG, (A novel) 1
Theophastus such, Jubal, and Other Poems, and The Spanish Gypsy George Eliot 1997 G- pages tanned with age 1
There is Nothing More The Blue Army 1964 VG, DJ 1
These United States Ernest Guening 1923 First Series, Good, but loose binding 1
These United States The Readers Digest Family Reference Series 1969 VG, DJ, Large Book 1
These United States Readers Digest 1968 VG, Large Book 1
They Wanted War Tolischus 1940 GC, first blank page is missing 1
Those Other People Mary King O'Donnell 1946 GC 1
$70 Thru The Years, A Centennial History of Sevier County Irvin L. Warnock 1947 VG 1
Till Death Us Do Part Vincent Buglisoi 1978 VG, DJ 1
Tin For Sale John Manca & Vincent Cosgrove 1991 VG, DJ 1
To Be a Slave Julius Lester 1968 VG, SC 1
To Seek a Newer World Robert F. Kennedy 1968 Soft Cover 1
Todays Best Non Fiction Readers Digest 1990 1st Ed., VG 1
Too Late The Phalarope Alan Paton 1953 Vol I, Book of Month, DJ 1
Toxic Bachelors Danielle Steele 2005 G-VG 1
Trinity Leon Uris 1976 VG, DJ 1
Truman David McCullogh 1992 VG, DJ 1
$100? U.S. Camera 1942 Edited by T. J. Maloney 1942 VG, Large Book, First Edition 1
U.S.A. Confidential Jack Lail & Lee Mortimer 1958 Author's Edition, Signed, G-VG, samm tear at top edge of book cover 1
Underworld Reginald Hill 1988 First American Edition, VG, DJ 1
Up From Slavery Booker T. Wahington 1970 Soft Cover 1
Up Front Bill Mauldin 1945 1
Up Front Bill Mauldin no date VG, Henry Holt and Co. 1
Waheenee, An Indian Girl's Story Waheenee 1981 VG, SC, First Bison Book 1
Walden and On The Duty of Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau 1946? GC, SC 1
Walks and Homes of Jesus Daniel March 1866 G-VG 1
Walt Whiman's Civil War Walter Lowenfels 1961 Compiled by Walter Lowenfels 1
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy no date, about 1950, Modern Library of The World's Best Books, a name & address in the book. 1
War and Remembrance Herman Wolk 1978 VG, DJ 1
War Letters Edited by Andrew Carroll 2001 VG, DJ 1
$125? Watchers Dean Kootz 1987 G-VG 1
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