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     The items on this site are of our own estate collection.  Please note the larger items would be picked up in Placerville, CA, unless the buyer uses a professional packer and shipper (shipping costs can be determined for the items that you would like to have sent via U.S. Post Office or UPS)

 For verbal description on most items, Click on the tab under each picture.  It will take you to another page.

     Please call 530-621-2889 if you have any questions. Or you may email us at
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Old door locks    Bilge Pump   Tent Ties
     Antique Door Locks, $270.00                     Fresh Water Pump, $95.00                          Tie Downs

              Chain Saw          
                                     Heavy Duty Chain Saw, $30.00                                          2 Electric Globe Lamps - $10.00 
            Wollensak Stereo Recorder/Player $45.00        Wheel Barrow   $35.00        1914 Antique Typewriter, $400.00

                  Grinder with Motor, $15.00          Large Stainless Steel Container  $400.00           Protectograph, $30.00
             Coleman Adjustable Heater, $20.00                     Old Farm Faucets, $60.00 ea.

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